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Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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About the Council
The City of Horseshoe Bay was incorporated in 2005 and is a home rule city with a Council / Manager form of government. The City Council consists of 5 voting members. 

Meeting Outline
A typical City Council meeting begins with the Mayor determining that a quorum (at least 3 members) is present. The Mayor then calls the meeting to order. Following an invocation and stating of the Pledges of Allegiance, City Council begins the official business of the meeting by considering agenda items that require an individual vote, including time-certain items. Individual consideration items usually merit a detailed Council discussion. Prior to consideration of Individual items, the Council considers the consent agenda. Consent items include more routine items such as the purchase of equipment and supplies; capital improvements; or other items.
2015-2016 City Council
Council members may pull certain consent items for individual discussion. Consent items may be adopted as a group by a single vote. During the meeting, time-certain items, including public hearings may be called and considered at their posted times or as soon as possible thereafter.

Executive Sessions
The Council may go into executive session to consider legal, personnel, and competitive and other matters permitted under Texas Open Meeting Laws.


The posted agenda will clearly identify matters which may be voted upon for final decision by the council.

An agenda for a regular or special City Council meeting must, by state law, be posted at least 72 continuous hours prior to the beginning of that particular meeting. The lone exception involves matters of an emergency nature, which may be posted for Council consideration at least 2 hours prior to that consideration.

For the convenience of all citizens, copies of agendas for City Council meetings are posted on the bulletin board outside the main door of City Hall and online. Copies of agendas for a City Council meeting are available at City Hall 1 hour prior to a regular meeting.

Technology Request
The Council requests that persons with cell phones either turn them off, or to vibrate. Persons using computers during council meetings are requested to mute their sound output for the duration of the meeting.