Mayor and City Council

On this page you can find information on when City Council meetings are held, get introduced to your Mayor and City Council members, and learn how to participate in meetings. Visit the Newsworthy section for information on current topics of interest to our community. 

Each year, the Mayor of Horseshoe Bay writes a special message called the "State of the City". You can view the message for each year the city has been incorporated  by clicking HERE.

City Council Meetings Agendas and Minutes

  • Third Tuesday of each month at 3:00pm                                       Agendas are posted to our website at  
  • Schedule of 2018 Meeting Dates (subject to change)                   least 72 hours prior to the scheduled 
  • City Hall Council Chambers (1 Community Drive)                         meeting. 



Noteworthy News

Click HERE to read Mayor Jordan's 2017 State of the City Message!

The next regular City Council meeting is May 15, 2018. As always, citizens are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. The schedule of meeting dates for 2018 can be found by clicking on the link under the City Council Meetings Agendas and Minutes section on this page above. 

Who wants to play some Pickleball? The Grand Opening Ceremony for the City's new Pickle Ball courts was held on Tuesday, November 21st at 2:00pm. A great crowd was in attendance as the Mayor and City Council officially opened the new courts, which are located next to Martin Park (next door to City Hall). Many thanks to the Sam Martin Trust for donating the funds to build our new courts.

The City Council passed Resolution 2017-15 at the Sept. 19th meeting to express opposition to the construction of a rock and concrete crushing plant, which Asphalt, Inc. proposes to build near our community. For more information about the permit application and related activities, please visit the City of Marble Falls website at   Scroll down on their main home page for detailed information regarding the application and the surrounding community's efforts to prevent the construction of the plant. Their page also provides information on ways you can participate. Click here to view the TCEQ Notice and Resolutions 

About the Council

The City of Horseshoe Bay was incorporated in 2005 and is a Home Rule City with a Council / Manager form of government. The City Council consists of 5 voting members. 

City Council Meetings

A typical City Council meeting begins with the Mayor determining that a quorum (at least 3 members) is present. The Mayor then calls the meeting to order. Following an invocation and the Pledges of Allegiance, City Council begins the official business of the meeting. Proclamations, Staff Recognition, and Public Comments are addressed first. Next, the Council considers the Consent Agenda. Consent agenda items include routine, non-controversial items such as the approval of meeting minutes or the purchase of equipment and supplies already budgeted. Following the Consent Agenda, required Public Hearings are held, and individual Business Agenda items are considered. The Council may, or may not, convene into Executive Session (closed meeting) if necessary prior to adjourning the meeting. For information on citizen participation at City Council meetings, please click here or go to the "Appearing Before the Council" page (see link in left side menu above)
2016-2017 City Council

Executive Sessions

The City Council may go into Executive Session (closed meeting) to consider legal, personnel, security, and other related matters permitted under the Texas Open Meetings Act laws.


The posted agenda will clearly identify matters which may be voted upon for final decision by the Council.

An agenda for a Regular or Special City Council meeting must, by state law, be posted at least 72 continuous hours prior to the beginning of that particular meeting. The lone exception involves matters of an emergency nature, which must be posted for at least 2 hours prior to the start of the meeting.

For the convenience of all citizens, copies of meeting agendas are posted on the bulletin board outside the main door of City Hall and on the City's website in the Agenda Center. At City Council meetings, a copy of the agenda will be available for citizens prior to the start of the meeting.

Meeting Decorum

Please remember to mute phones and other devices before entering the Council Chambers. If you need to have a conversation with someone, please step outside in order to avoid disrupting the meeting or preventing others from being able to hear the proceedings. 
Please review the "Appearing Before the Council" webpage for information on citizen participation at City Council meetings. There is a specific time set aside for Public Comment during Regular City Council meetings, when citizens may address the Council. If you wish to speak during a City Council meeting, you must sign up on the Request to Speak form available at each meeting, PRIOR to the start of the meeting. In order to maintain order, and out of respect for everyone in attendance, citizens are not allowed to speak openly (other than during Public Comment or Public Hearings when recognized), to speak out of turn, or to interrupt the Mayor, Council Members, staff, or other speakers during a City Council meeting unless called upon by the presiding officer - typically the Mayor. We welcome and encourage citizens to attend and participate at City Council meetings; however, any disruptions will result in the offending party being removed from the Council Chambers. If you sign up to speak prior to the start of the meeting, you will have an equal opportunity to be heard.

If you have any questions about City Council meetings, please contact the City Secretary, Kerri Craig, at or 830-598-9943.