1. Administration

    Access information about the Administration Department such as Codes of Ordinances, Public Information Requests and more.

  2. City Manager

    Learn about the current City Manager of Horseshoe Bay

  3. City Secretary

    Find out who the City Secretary is for Horseshoe Bay and find out a little more about what the duties are for the City Secretary.

  4. Community Services

    Get to know the Community Services Director and what his responsibilities are to the community and the department.

  5. Development Services

    Find out how Development Services of Horseshoe Bay work to keep the city up to standards with permit application processes, zoning, planning, and more.

  6. Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

    Learn about the EMS teams that respond in emergency situations in Horseshoe Bay.

  7. Finance

    Take a look at the transparency efforts made by the City of Horseshoe Bay to provide information about the city government finances so that the community can stay informed.

  8. Fire Department

    Find out the areas that the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department cover, the equipment they have and more.

  9. Human Resources

    Get to know the Horseshoe Bay Human Resources Department and learn about your compensation and benefits if you are a current employee as well as how to become an employee.

  10. Municipal Court of Record No. 1

    Take a look at who the Municipal Court Judge and Clerk are as well as the Municipal Court schedule.

  11. Police Department

    Access the Horseshoe Bay Police Department and find out how they keep the community safe.