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    Annual Water Disinfection Chlorine Conversion

    The City of Horseshoe Bay will be conducting a free chlorine reversion of its water distribution system. The conversion will begin on October 1, 2020, and will last for 30 days, ending October 30, 2020. Read on...
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    Utility Departments Home Page

    Help us keep our records current so we can better serve you in the event of an emergency. Read on...
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    Monarch Migration

    Millions of monarch butterflies are headed to Mexico from North American breeding grounds with a route of more than 2,500 miles. Ninety percent of all monarch butterflies migrate through Texas from September to November, peaking in mid-October.

    LCRA awards $14,000 grant to Horseshoe Bay to promote Water Conservation

    A $14,000 grant from the Lower Colorado River Authority will help the City of Horseshoe Bay encourage water conservation by providing customers with real-time information about their water use. Read on...
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