Water Services

Water Treatment
The City of Horseshoe Bay began providing treated water to Horseshoe Bay in 1973. The 1st treatment facility, constructed in 1972 was replaced by a conventional treatment plant in 1978 that was capable of treating 1 million gallons per day (MGD). In 1984 the facility was upgraded to a 3.3 MGD facility and the latest modification was completed in May 2006. The Central Water Treatment Plant is now capable of producing 4.0 MGD and additional filtration modules can be installed into pre-piped connectors to produce a final production flow of 8.0 MGD.
A red and white speedboat driving in the water with a water watch tower in the background
The City obtains untreated (raw water) from Lake LBJ on the Colorado River under a purchasing contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority. The current contract is to purchase up to 2,225 acre-feet, or 725 million gallons of raw water per year. The City treated 555 million gallons in 2014.

Treatment Plants
The City operates two Water Treatment Plants. According to the Water Quality Report (PDF), the facilities consistently produce water meeting or exceeding both state and federal standards. All City operations personnel that are responsible for producing this treated water participate in advance training in an effort to insure that water quality and facilities operations remain at their best.

Water produced at the Water Treatment Plants is treated with:
  • A combination of Chlorine and Ammonia are added as a disinfectant in accordance with state and federal regulations
  • Acid and caustic for pH adjustments to achieve maximum total organic carbon (TOC) removal prior to disinfection which was designed to lower disinfection by-products to greater levels than mandated by state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Aluminum sulfate (alum) and polymer for coagulation
  • Fluoride
All chemicals added during treatment and distributions are certified (NSF 60) safe for potable water use.

The City Water Treatment Plants provide water to City customers in Bay Country, Escondido, Horseshoe Bay, Horseshoe Bay South, Horseshoe Bay West, Pecan Creek, Sienna Creek,The Trails of LBJ.   The City also furnishes treated water to Oakridge, Deerhaven and Sandy Harbor Subdivisions under contracts and provides out of City services to The Hills and Quail Ridge Subdivisions.
Current Projects
Due to the drought that occurred in 1999, the West Water Treatment Plant construction was expedited and was online in September 2001. This plant is a modular treatment facility with a capacity of 1 million gallons per day. The site was designed to accommodate another 1 million gallon treatment unit within the existing building. The total cost of the facility was $2.2 million. Construction to expand capacity to 2 million gallons per day will begin in 2015.
Tall, tan tubes inside of a water treatment warehouse
The Central Water Treatment Plant, completed in May 2006, combines conventional coagulation and settling with a state of the art filtration system. PALL Water Processing supplied the new filtration equipment describes as "Microza Membrane Technology". The PALL filtration system was developed to provide a 5 Log (99.999%) reduction of Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia cysts with a 0.1-micron (0.0000039 inch) membrane filter.  Along with new treatment equipment installed at the Central Water Treatment, a SCADA System, (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System) including fire and security systems have been installed to monitor and control the water production process.