1. Conservation Suggestions

    Take a look at some suggestions to help save water in different areas of you home such as the bathroom, kitchen or when gardening.

  2. Current Water Restrictions & Penalties

    Stay informed on the latest water restriction requirements for the Horseshoe Bay Area.

  3. Horseshoe Bay History

    Explore the history of Horseshoe Bay by viewing historical documents and learning a little bit about the 1st Mayor and 1st City Council.

  4. Mausoleum Information

    Horseshoe Bay Memorial Association and Mausoleum

  5. Mayor's Monarch Pledge

  6. Outdoor Lighting & Premise Address Requirements

    Find out what you need to do to be in compliance with City Codes when it comes to outdoor lighting as as well as address identification on your home.

  7. Pollution Prevention Tips

    View a list of helpful tips that you can follow to help reduce water pollution.

  8. When Do I Need a Building Permit?

  9. Wildfire Safety

    Stay safe with some helpful tips from the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department on wildfires.