1. Current Budget (PDF)

    View the Current Budget that outlines what money will be spent on in the City.

  2. Check Register

    View a list of comprehensive spending by the city of Horseshoe Bay.

  3. City Hall Hours of Operation

    Take a look at the hours of operation for City Hall and the Clerk's Office as well as Holidays.

  4. City Maps

    Access city and zoning maps of Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

  5. Council Comments

    View a list of comments from the Mayor and from Council Members on the recent events of Horseshoe Bay as well as the recent meetings.

  6. Documents

    View a list of helpful documents compiled by the city of Horseshoe Bay.

  7. Driving Directions

    Follow the map for directions on how to get to Horseshoe Bay City Hall.

  8. Election Information

  9. Organizational Chart

  10. Public Notices

  11. Services & Rates Ordinance

    Take a look at the ordinance that is directly related to services and ordinances.

  12. Reclamation Center Holiday Schedule

    To make sure you keep up with the days you cannot use the Reclamation Center, view a list of closures for holidays.

  13. State of the City

    View the documents from the mayor of Horseshoe Bay on how the City is doing financially and to allow the community to stay informed.

  14. Subdivision Architectural Standards Guidelines

    View a list of guidelines that apply to you and your property improvements.

  15. Utility Service Forms

    View a list of forms from the Utility Department of Horseshoe Bay in order to apply for services, direct debit and guidelines for grinder systems.

  16. Zoning Maps