Board of Adjustment

For more information about the Board of Adjustment, including scheduled meetings and appeal procedures, please contact Eric Winter, Development Services Director, at 830-598-9970 or

The Board of Adjustment is responsible for granting variances to the terms of the zoning regulations of the City, and deciding appeals from decisions of administrative officials related to those zoning regulations. If a municipality wants to provide in its zoning ordinance a mechanism through which it can approve waivers from the strict letter of the zoning rules, state law authorizes the City Council of a municipality to establish procedures for the appointment of a Board of Adjustment. (Texas Local Government Code §211.008). The zoning ordinance may provide that the Board of Adjustment can make special exceptions to the terms of the zoning ordinance that are consistent with the general purpose and intent of the ordinance and with any applicable rules contained in the ordinance.

On February 21, 2017, the City Council adopted an ordinance creating a Board of Adjustment for Horseshoe Bay. The Board consists of five residents, who are registered voters of the city, appointed by City Council and serve staggered two-year terms. The members of the Board of Adjustment are:

  • David Pope, Chair
  • Jim Babcock
  • Frank Gracely, Jr.
  • Lee Peterson
  • Elaine Waddill

Ordinance 2017-05 Creating the Board of Adjustment 02.17.2017

Ordinance 2017-10 Amending the Board of Adjustment 04.18.2017