Information For Irrigation Professionals

Installers and owners of irrigation systems should be aware that the City has  an irrigation ordinance guiding the design, installation and operation of automatic in-ground lawn sprinkler systems. The ordinance also describes our requirement for the permitting and inspecting of new systems. The ordinance establishes the state irrigation code as the City standard for irrigation, except for a few instances where the City rules exceed the state requirements. The document also  provides for penalties in instances where parties involved in irrigation do not follow the ordinance. If you install irrigation or if you own an irrigation system, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with City requirements so you may avoid compliance problems. The irrigation ordinance is section 13.12 under "Utilities" in the City Code of Ordinances listed on the City Secretary’s web page.  We also suggest you view our Backflow Prevention page which describes our requirements for cross-connection control and has a list of local backflow prevention assembly testers. The backflow prevention page is accessible by going to the Utilities Department web page and clicking the blue Water Quality button.