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Posted on: October 5, 2016

Long Range Plan by City Council

Final Comprehensive Plan by City Council
The final plan adopted by City Council October 18, 2016 is now available.

Comprehensive Long Range Plan
Comprehensive Long Range Plan Implementation Guide

Long Range Report by Advisory Committee
The following Comprehensive Report is the product of the City Council appointed Long Range Planning Advisory Committee.

Our purpose was to research the Horseshoe Bay community in an effort to determine what our residents envision for their, and for the city’s future direction(s).

As a result, the attached report was authored and submitted to the Mayor and the City Council for consideration. While the report is not binding, the committee feels it accurately represents the opinions of our residents and we encourage all of you read it.

Submitted By:

The Long Range Planning Advisory Committee

Jim Long, Chairman
John Bird, Vice Chairman
Forrest Covin
Ted Hess
Lynette Morrison
Bud Nichols
Larry Stahl
Mike Thuss
Steve Varga

To read the full Comprehensive Report, go to: Comprehensive Report and Survey

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