Building Contractor Registration

Building Contractor Registration & Application

Because the Texas Residential Construction Commission is no longer in operation, contractors who have been registered with the agency and who apply for building permits in Horseshoe Bay will be required to be registered by the City beginning on November 2, 2009.


All general contractors applying for building permits for residential or commercial buildings, including remodels, will be required to be registered before they will be issued a building permit. There is a $100 application fee, and an approved Registration is valid for 2 years. View the application (PDF).

Background Check

In signing the Application, the contractor is authorizing the City to do a verification of credentials, a criminal background check and a personal background check. The Development Services Manager will review all of the credentialing information and will make a decision regarding registration of a contractor, that the applicant has never been subject to a court judgment regarding quality of work, and has a clean criminal background and personal background check. This is all on the basis that there is a clean verification of the applicant's credentials.


Any applicant whose information cannot be verified, who has 1 or more court judgments against them, or whose information is found to be incorrect, will be denied. Also, if any registration application that has a conviction for any misdemeanor or higher crime associated with any fraudulent act, theft, or act of a violent nature shall be denied.