Utility Department

The Utility Department is dedicated to providing the residents of Horseshoe Bay with exceptional water, wastewater, solid waste, operations and maintenance services.

Our Strategic Goals Include:

  • Procure and protect reliable water sources
    • Protecting our current surface water source
    • Developing dependable water sources
  • Promote efficient and sustainable water consumption
    • Achieve maximum water conservation and efficient use
    • Maintaining an adequate drought contingency and emergency preparedness plan
  • Continually meet and exceed drinking water standards
    • Safeguarding our source water quality
    • Complying with water quality monitoring and reporting requirements
    • Optimizing water plant system operations
    • Striving to maintain a high-performance organization by operating effectively, efficiently and productively
  • Improve infrastructure integrity and system reliability
    • Implementation new technologies and asset management software
    • Planned and projected preventive maintenance plans
    • Maintaining and revitalization of aging facilities
    • Modernizing water and wastewater treatment plants
    • Optimizing storage, transmission, and distribution capacities and efficiencies
    • Obtaining long-term environmental regulatory certainty for existing operations
  • Create and foster maximum organizational effectiveness
    • Maintaining high level competence in servicing the customers
    • Continuously improving organizational efficiencies
    • Providing responsible financial stewardship
    • Striving to be a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible organization