Horseshoe Bay Nature Park

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In December, 2019 the City of Horseshoe Bay entered into a Public Private Partnership with HSB Park, Inc., a corporation formed for the purpose of holding, developing and managing an 11 acre Nature Park located at 1514 Golden Nugget.   Plans are underway for having a Master Plan completed for Phase One this Fall 2020 with implementation to follow. 

The City executed a Cooperative Agreement with HSB Park, Inc. to help meet the costs to develop, operate and maintain the Nature Park for the pleasure of the residents of Horseshoe Bay; however, the majority of the funds will be provided from individual donors and grants. Fortunately, the IRS 501(c)(3) tax exemption HSB Park, Inc. applied for has been accepted.

The Nature Park will be open to the public with no charge for admission. Mission and Vision Statements

The Nature Park will preserve and enhance a beautiful piece of Texas Hill Country to inspire citizens and increase the appreciation of native plants, animal life and conservation.  Our community has touted and has developed a reputation for our love of nature, as evidenced by the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, Dark Sky Protection, Scenic City and commitment to green space. The Nature Park is an opportunity to create an area where these commitments can thrive and be available for all to enjoy. Walking paths of varying length and degree of slope will allow people to have a place to walk at their own pace or gather socially.  

The park will have designated native flowers and native grass sections to attract butterflies, bees and birds of all species with special bird watching stations. Benches and tables will be scattered throughout to pause and observe nature or watch the sunset, gaze at the moon or locate favorite star constellations at night.  The park will assume the leadership role in educating people of the Highland Lakes about the need for and benefits of wildlife habitats and water conservation. 

Looking back, this property met with opposition in the neighborhood over proposed development as a multi-family, high density condominium community, as it continues to be zoned.  It was a relief to the Council and neighboring community to learn the property was purchased by John & Sandy Smith and since has been conveyed to their daughters Whitney and Shelley. 

They have entered a 25 year lease with HSB Park, Inc. We are very fortunate the John Smith family has chosen to share their assets with the residents of Horseshoe Bay.

I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to lead the development of this community wide amenity. 

Steve Jordan
Former Mayor of the City of Horseshoe Bay

HSB Park, Inc. Board

Steve Jordan, President
Johnny White, Vice President
Vicki Adcock, Secretary - Treasurer
Stan Smith
Kyle Womack
John Smith (Non-voting)

The board has agreed to hire an Environmental Planner to develop a Master plan, subject to the funds being available. Time is of the essence to develop a Master Plan to meet the expectations of our donors and requirements of a grant request deadline.
Revised New HSB Conceptual Plan 09.10.2020

New HSB Conceptual Images 09.10.2020