City of Horseshoe Bay Community Update January 2024



Mayor sets Goals for the New Year

By Mayor Elsie Thurman

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and our families and friends have safely returned home to launch into 2024.

I have never been very good at making New Year’s Resolutions. More accurately, I have never been very good at keeping them. So, several years ago, Andy and I switched gears and decided that instead of Resolutions, we would set goals. There is not much difference between the two, but in my mind, a resolution is a general idea, and a goal is a specific, actionable plan. So, in my role as Mayor, I am following my tradition and setting some goals for the coming year. In my three months as Mayor, I have been busy meeting with department directors and discussing their objectives for the coming year. I have asked the council members to think about their personal goals; these will form our plans as a team. The council will discuss these goals during our planning workshop in January.

 In the meantime, here are some of the things I will be including in our goals:

Appoint a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

This committee will include staff members and citizens, and they will be tasked with creating a vision for our city for the next 10 years. My primary concern is the area in our extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) along Hwy 71. This Committee will develop a Future Land Use Map for these areas that identifies the development types that will benefit our citizens most. With this Plan in hand, our staff and future councils will be in a much stronger position to discuss projects with future developers as they come our way. The Application to serve on this committee will be available on the City’s website in late January.

Adopt a Transportation Plan

Our Transportation Committee has been hard at work for over a year. A public meeting will be held on February 7th from 1-3 p.m. at the City Council Chambers. The Committee is seeking input from citizens on needs related to streets in our city.  A bicycle/walking/golf cart lane will be painted on Bay West Blvd. in early January.  This will HELP improve the safety of Horseshoe Bay West for walkers and bike riders. It is time to stop talking about safety on our streets and start getting it done.

Appoint a committee to Review and Update Building Regulations

Our Developmental Services Department will review the Building Code sections of our ordinances this year. The City Council will appoint professionals in our community who are contractors and subcontractors in the building industry to join the staff in conducting this review. The purpose is to update and clarify regulations to create efficiencies within the building process, align all areas of the code to be consistent, and include any new state-imposed regulations. Recommendations will be made to the City Council for action.

Improve Outdoor Spaces 

I aim to encourage our citizens to get outside and enjoy our beautiful Hill Country. The only Parks owned by the City of HSB are Martin Park and the Horseshoe Creek Hiking Trail. We have plans to upgrade the facilities at Martin Park as the condition has deteriorated, and the restrooms need attention. We also hope to add some shaded seating around the pickleball courts for those waiting their turn to play. The city center will ultimately include a flat walking trail for scenic strolls and dog walkers. The City will continue collaborating with the HSB Nature Park and the various Property Owner Associations to provide more outdoor space for our citizens.

Citizens Academy

In planning for the coming year, I will continue to rely upon our outstanding staff but am also calling upon volunteer citizens for the committees I mentioned above. Most of these people are graduates of the Dottie Anderson Citizens Academy. Congratulations to the new Alumni who graduated in December. The next class will commence on February 15, and anyone interested can signup on the city website at the following link:

I am very grateful to you for the opportunity to serve as your Mayor, and my personal goal is to do everything I can to continue to earn your confidence. Let’s join together and make 2024 the best year Horseshoe Bay has ever had. Happy New Year!

Final Reminders: 


Elsie Thurman, Mayor

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