Horseshoe Bay Fire Department

Horseshoe Bay Fire Department patch

The Horseshoe Bay Fire Department is one of the emergency service departments within the city structure. The department is staffed by 23 full-time firefighters. This staff includes the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, and 3 Shift Captains.

The department operates out of 2 fire stations. Central Fire Station is next to City Hall and Station 2 is located in Horseshoe Bay West on Broken Hills.  Crews run a shift of 48/96 hours with a minimum staffing of 6 personnel. 

Mission Statement

"At the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department, our mission is to protect and serve our vibrant community with unwavering dedication and teamwork. We are committed to safeguarding the lives, property, and environment through proactive fire prevention, rapid emergency response, and community-wide education.

With a steadfast focus on safety, we continuously strive to enhance our capabilities with state-of-the-art technology and resources provided. As a responsive and compassionate team, we prioritize the well-being of our residents, visitors, and environment, always putting their needs first.

Our mission is not merely a statement; it is the embodiment of our commitment to excellence in fire protection and emergency services for the well-being of Horseshoe Bay and all who call it home."

Vision Statement

The vision of the Horseshoe Bay Fire Department is to be a professional organization that leads the community in public safety. The service provided will be of the highest quality and recognized as "The Horseshoe Bay Way."


  • Prepared for Duty
  • Serving with Honor
  • Responding with Compassion
  • Committed to Professional Excellence