Irrigation Backflow Testing Program

Beginning in March 2019, The City of Horseshoe Bay began to require that all backflow preventers on irrigation systems  be tested to assure proper function upon installation and then at least every five years.

We took this step because backflow preventers are important to maintaining the safety of the water supply. Horseshoe Bay utilities personnel saw many instances in which backflow preventers were either badly corroded or non-existent on many properties.

Currently the City is moving ahead with a program to make sure all irrigation backflow preventers have a current test. To do this we have divided the City into five sectors, and we are addressing each area one at a time. 

Once one sector is covered, letters are sent to the next sector. Residents in each area are given three months to comply. 

We expect to have the entire city tested by early 2021.

Those who do not comply are subject to fines and termination of water service. 

Note that should a backflow incident occur which results in contamination of the public water supply, and the contamination is traced to a property with an untested backflow preventer, the property owner could be held financially responsible by the City and any person harmed by contaminants. 

If your backflow preventer has not been tested in the last five years you will be required to have a test performed in the near future. You should receive a letter from the City when your time to test arrives.

If you wish, you can go ahead and get it done before you receive a letter. To find a backflow tester go to our webpage "Licensed Backflow Testers."

If you have questions, send an email to  or call 830-598-9973.