If you are charged with an offense involving the operation of a motor vehicle, and you do not hold a commercial drivers license, you may request either in a writing or in person to take a driver's safety course.

Eligibility:  You are eligible to request this course if you:

Have a valid Texas driver's license - not a commercial driver's license

Are not a member of the U.S. Military on active duty

Have not taken a driver's safety course within the past 12 months

Are not currently taking a driver's safety course

Your citation is NOT for one of the following:

  • Speeding 25 mph or more over posted speed limit
  • Speeding at a speed of 95 mph or more
  • Failure to give information at an accident scene
  • Leaving scene of an accident
  • Passing a school bus
  • Any moving violation within a construction zone when workers are present

Procedure to Request DSC:

Contact the court and make a request before the date listed on your citation

Plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) and waive the right to a jury trial

Pay the court costs

Present to the court a copy of the current/valid Texas driver's license

Present to the court a copy of the current automobile insurance

Present to the court a certified copy of your driver's record

Complete the online driver's safety course and provide to the court a copy of the certificate of completion.