Development Services

About the Department

The Development Services Department of the City of Horseshoe Bay is here to serve you for all of your building construction, inspections, and land development needs. We can help you navigate through the various rules and regulations that are designed to guide our community’s growth and development in an orderly manner, protect the health & safety of our residents and the character of our City.

Our goal is to help you to help us maintain Horseshoe Bay as a world class resort and retirement community. Whatever your project needs may be you should use the resources and staff that are available to you in the City’s Development Services Department. Call 830-598-9959 for assistance.

Submit your Permit Applications with plans to You must submit plans or, for smaller projects a written scope of work with your permit application.  New Residential Construction applications must include all items from the checklist on the last page of the permit application.

Submit your Inspection Requests prior to 3pm for next business day inspections to  Include the address, inspection type, your name and phone number with your request.

Horseshoe Bay's Partners in Support of all Property Owners

  • The City Government
  • Property Owner POA's
  • Architectural Control Committees/ACC
  • The Resort as Declarant

4 Partners Graphic

Each of the partners in support of the City of Horseshoe Bay quality of life represent one of the 4 entities that have authority, operations and effects on property owners in the City.  Each of the partners – the Declarant, the Property Owners’ Associations (POAs--plural), the City Government, and the Architectural Control Committees (ACCs--plural) - are a separate and independent entity with their own distinct areas of responsibility.  None of these entities overlap with each other, but together form the foundation for all the private and public functions support.  All four entities cooperate and work together for a common goal – a safe, vibrant, well managed, lifestyle-resort-retirement Hill Country community.

Who Does What?  To learn more about each role of the 4 partners, click here to read a helpful publication.